The Royal Infirmary Players Present

royal infirmary playersAnd Another Thing...

Tollcross Primary School  Fountainbridge
August 30 - September 4
8.30 -10.00 pm
Admission 1.50

Not so much medics who happen to be at the Fringe but a fringe group that happen to be medics

Another Opening, Another Show...

After the success of "R.I.B.S." at the Crest Hotel an expanded company set up the following week at Tollcross Primary School, scene of the previous year's hit show.

the larger cast

From the programme notes...


Mary Church
Original female member of the cast. Famous for her dancing and especially for her spectaular performance of the "Dance of the Virgin" - which she does entirely from memory.

Charles (Charlie) Clark
Superb sturgeon but appaling typist.
Eccentric English exhibitionist prone to illiteration, asking children to fetch sticks and offering dogs lifts on his Volvo

Graham Cook
Conniseur of good food fine wines and bad women. Essential to raise the tone (or at least the average height) of the show. Understudied the empire State building in the latest remake of King Kong.

Albert Fenech
Voted best all round perfomer by the rest of the cast, despite his sterling attempts to diet for charity. Albert has never played any of the children in the sound of Music.

Ian Greer
Serious minded, dedicated, all round good guy, loved by one and all. Noted for his ability to play the drums and to slip in his own programme notes.

Marie Louise (Marzie) Kelly
Newest recruit to the ranks of theatrical warfare. Voted the year's most promising actor - after she promise something to nearly all the male members of the cast

Kathleen ( Kathy) Long
Most productive cast member ... at least as far as children and dogs are concerned.

Ian Matheson
Musical Director, pianist and composer of many soon to be forgotten melodies
Fond of animls. children women and other lower life forms.

Sutherland (Suddy) McKechnie
Master of rapier wit and dazzling repartee appreciated by all his family. Suddy lives in hope of being adopted by a rich widow with a brewery.

Jon Ritchie
Esrtwhile producer, saxophone player and bit part actor. Has yet to be convinced that the world is round, Santa does not exist or that someone, somewhere, does know the way to San Jose.

Ian Matheson
David Bell

Eileen Gangels

 Alastair Farrer

Douglas Atiken

Linda Carter

Stage Manger
Anne Tweedle

.. and thanks to
Eric Masterton - Graphics
Robert Burns - Photography

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