you wife in their handsThe Royal Infirmary Players

Your Wife in Their Hands
Tollcross Primary School Edinburgh
August 31 - September 5
Admission £1.00 (concessions 50p)

RIP's first appearance at the Fringe brought some of the Christmas Company's best known sons and daughters together once more for a series of special performances. The cast list was indeed an impressive one with the addition of Ian Matheson tinkling the ivories and occassionally playing piano.

This first show was an exciting mix of song and dance thought-provoking satire, illuminating social comment and smut, and seemed likely to take the Fringe by storm, assuming all other advertised revues cancelled.

Some of the cast had pronounced thespian tendancies while others aspired to consultant status, fatherhood and Rotary Club membership. This inaugural appearance by these Fringe virgins, these theatrical neophytes, represented an important stepping stone towards the achievement of their varied ambitions.

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Your Wife in Their Hands

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